Virtual Educational Session Showcasing Application

Virtual Educational Session Showcasing Application

Showcase Committee Assignment | Overview

The Heartland Association of Fairs, Festivals & Events (HAFFE) shall maintain control over all showcases. Showcases will be supervised by a Showcase Committee.

• The Showcase Committee shall be appointed by the HAFFE Board of Directors. The Showcase Committee shall be comprised of three (3) individuals. Showcase Committee members do not need to be members of the HAFFE Board of Directors, but must be affiliated with HAFFE or one of its members.

• The Showcase Committee shall appoint one (1) member (from within the committee) to serve as the Showcase Manager. The Showcase Manager will coordinate the showcase process with showcase acts & the showcase
sound/lighting provider.

• The Showcase Committee will be responsible to the HAFFE Board of Directors, will work with the Showcase Manager to review acts for showcase selection & will assist the Showcase Manager prior to (and during) the convention.

Showcase Eligibility

• Showcase act/agent must be a HAFFE Associate (or Individual) Member for one (1) year prior to application. All current (paid) members are eligible to apply and showcase.

• Showcase act/agent must be up-to-date with all HAFFE membership dues for the current year.

• The Showcase Committee does not guarantee showcases to any members.

Showcase Options | Pricing

Live-Stream Performance or Pre-Recorded Video Showcase: Seven (7) minutes; $100 fee.

Showcase fee MUST accompany the showcase application. The fee will be returned if the act is not selected to showcase.

Late applications will not be accepted. Refer below for application deadlines.

Showcase Outline | Rules

Showcase will take place during one (1) HAFFE Educational Session only.

In addition to the showcase, HAFFE will….

• Post the showcase video to our Facebook page (within 1 day of the actual showcase).

• Send the showcase video to our membership via email. (within 1 day of the actual showcase).

**If live-streamed showcases cannot be posted, the act may provide a separate pre-recorded video or promotional graphic to be used for the Facebook post and Membership email.**

Showcase acts may not exceed the time limits listed above (See “Showcase Options / Pricing”).
Time limit includes anything the act/agent may want to say before/after the showcase. Live -streamed showcases are responsible for keeping track of their own time, as we will not be able to give a time ‘warning’. If an act exceeds their allowed performance time, the Showcase
Committee may assess a fine of $100.00 to the HAFFE member representing the act and/or forfeit the member’s eligibility to apply for a showcase at the next HAFFE convention.

For pre-recorded showcase videos, the final video file must be received by HAFFE at least 20 days prior to the showcase date.

If selected, an act may showcase up to two (2) consecutive years before taking one (1) year off. (This rule only applies to the specific act or video showcase. It does not apply to the member/agent.)

There shall be no substitution of a selected showcase act without the permission of the Showcase Committee. No more than two (2) showcases will take place during a single HAFFE Educational Session. If only one (1) showcase is scheduled for a HAFFE Educational Session, it will take place before the educational session begins.

For showcase acts who choose to perform via live-stream, HAFFE shall not responsible for technical difficulties outside of the association’s control (i.e. internet speed and/or audio/visual quality of individual viewers, problems with artist’s equipment & etc…)

Any appeals from the decision of the Showcase Manager shall be taken to the Showcase Committee, whose decision will be final. Appeals from decisions of the Showcase Manager should be made in writing & filed with the Showcase Committee.

The HAFFE Board of Directors reserves the right to amend and interpret the guidelines stated within this document.